Classified Ad Pricing.

Forum discussions = Free
Community = Free
Meetups = Free
Job Search = Free
Positions Available = Free
Sell and Swap = Free
Services = Free
Real Estate = Free
Transportation = Free

Special Placement/Promotion

For being Placed in the slider and placed first = 2.00
Special is also Placed in Slider = 2.00
Bold = 1.00
Border = 1.00
BackGround = 1.00


Any ad placed in the wrong category will be removed or moved.
Lets keep it all fair for everybody.

See Terms and Conditions 


All Banner Ads on the sides are for 90 days duration
These are not part of the Free ads everywhere else

250 x 250 Banners
Front Page = $125.00
OtherPages = $100.00
250 x 400 Banners
Front Page = $200.00
Other Pages = $150.00

Special Slide Banners
Starting at $280.00 and will be quoted by the work amount and sizes

These Ads will be placed on the right side of the pages.  If placing on the left side, there will be a slight extra charge of $10.00 each
All ads are to be Banners and you can have a URL redirection to a website you desire.  Special slide Banner ads can be a bit different.  
We only work with Your images. 

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